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Supernatural Seasons 1-8

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J2M and myself at Chicon 2012

At the good advice of my new friend Sunny, I walked up to the trio and said, “I need a group photo! A squishy hug!” So Jared literally squeezed that LIFE out of me while Jensen pounded down and Misha just stood there being perfect. It was the BEST hug I have EVER received and after the pose I said, “That was perfect. You guys are perfect, perfect people.” Jared said something to me and smiled and made this adorable, cute face and I don’t recall what he said because I was internally screaming.

Also, look how much Jared had to bend down to hug me AH WHAT A MOOSE

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To Cas” by 輝璃@SPN

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The ConRef Project

[warning: pics are quite small, but there are lots]

for recent changes and updates see this post

I made it because I am mentally disturbed needed help organising my many many many (approaching 25k total) con pics of jensen, jared and misha. having a visual really helps for me and since making it I find myself using it as a reference frequently.

I hope you find a use for it.


a.k.a. I cannot tell you how long this took to do

but it’s done. and it’s HERE. [warning: pics are quite small, but there are lots]

if you find a use for it, GOOD, and for the love of god tell me so! I’d love to hear my many hours of madness were worth it for someone other than myself. the reason I made it in the first place is because I am mentally disturbed needed help organising my many many many (approaching 25k total) con pics. having a visual really helps for me.


Here are all my Misha photos from All Hell Breaks Loose 3 in Sydney May 2012 - including his Angel-winged Penis t-shirt that he designed for the auction!

They are high-res. The album is open so you can download them. Please help yourself!

Misha photos here

Misha Penis-Angel t-shirt here

(photos taken by sweetondean)

Thank you  !!



So i ordered a bunch of these spn novels and for some reason these three have come in the mail twice, not sure why. anyways, so i have decided to give them away on tumblr.

The first book is called ‘Supernatural book of monsters, spirits, demons and ghouls’ and basically is tells you all about them and all the legends and stuff. It’s written in the point of view of Sam and Dean.

The other two are just novels, random stories just like an episode and they’re titled ‘Night Terror’ and ‘Once Year Gone’

The rules for this are very simple:

  • Reblogs and likes both count
  • you can reblog as many times as you like
  • you do not have to be following me, but i welcome you to and i always follow back.

I will mail these to anywhere in the world and i am willing to pay for shipping.

I am giving all three books away to the one person just so it saves on shipping cost.

I’m putting this out for three weeks then drawing the winner. So it will be drawn Saturday June 2.

Good luck (:

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So here it is.

This is my story.


let me give you a hint to who he is

his friend took the picture

(if you can identify him from that then wow. but i’m so proud i spotted him out of the corner of my eye when i only saw like a quarter of his face)

So I was driving home from Trader…

Jared !!!!sweetest thing on earth !!

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I’m in France, is there a way I can watch it live ?


“No chick flick moments”