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JOIN US !! use the ask box ;)

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This is our making of ! 

as you can see, last year was not fun and we didn’t enjoy it at all. No laugh, no crazyness. no kindness. I wonder why we have signed up for this year again. Stupid us.

Join us and have no fun. Please.

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WE ARE BACK ! and we have some free spots ! Some of us are having a break for this year because of work, pregnancy and all… but the show must go on !

We’re searching members from everywhere as long as you have an internet connexion !
Our goal is to have fun and make new friends !
It is…

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It’s so perfect that this was on my dash. I’ve been getting so many questions and comments asking if I’m in love with Jensen or have a crush on him. Time to clear that up. Jensen is the most incredible person I’ve ever worked with. He’s talented and creative. He’s a true artist and I’ve been blessed to learn so much from him. he deserves much more credit than he gets for his talent, but the wonderful thing is that he doesn’t care about credit. He doesn’t care if there’s a gold statue or a million reviews praising him. He simply does his work because he loves it. Besides that, though, he’s a magnificent person. He’s helped me personally more than he probably realizes, and I know he’s going to be a good dad. He’ll be the best dad out there. I admire his work and look up to him as one of my biggest role models professionally and personally (tell him I said that and I’ll kill you). That said, no, I have absolutely zero romantic feelings towards him (gross). I mean, sure, he’s a beautiful human being. But, dude. No. Just no. He’s like, what, fifty? (; All jokes aside, no, I do absolutely positively NOT have any crush or anything of the sort on Jensen. He is a good guy, though. A great one.

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#fetedelamusique #auch

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